The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

Robert Borosage, Co-Director, Campaign For America's Future on SOTU 

Dean Baker, Co-Director, Center For Economic And Policy Research on SOTU 

Damon Silvers, Director of Policy & Special Counsel, AFL-CIO on SOTU 

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Hour 3
3:07pm RJ Monologue
3:18pm  Jeff Brandt, Blogger
3:34pm Cliff Schecter, We Act Radio and National Gun Victims Action Council
3:45pm Brian Merchant, Senior Editor at VICE
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2:07pmRJ Monologue
2:18pmRoss Eisenbrey, Vice President, Economic Policy Institute
2:34pm: Maya Rockeymoore,  President of Global Policy Solutions
2:49pm: Alex Lawson, ED of Social Security Works
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 Hour 1
1:07pmRJ Monologue
1:18pm   Mara Keisling, ED of National Center for Transgender Equality
1:34pm: Carol Joffe, Professor Emeritus, UC Davis
1:49pm: Farah Diaz-Tello, Staff Attorney,

National Advocates for Pregnant Women

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Hour 1
1:06pmRJ Monologue
1:18pm  Liz Gannes Re/Code,  Journalist: Uber and the tech sector/regulation/rights
1:34pm:  Sabrina Stevens, Ed of Integrity in Educations: Fighting Charters and Department of Education relationship with for profits.
1:49pm: Steve Rosenfeld, Alternet: Expanding Social Security
Hour 2
2:06pmRJ Monologue
2:18pm: Robin Beck, Director of Innovation at Citizen Engagement Lab: Innovations in Progressive Organizing
2:34pm: Stephen Miles, Coalition Coordination Win Without War: Iran Sanctions
2:49pm: Craig Harrington, Researcher at Media Matters: Broadcast coverage of Social Security
Hour 3
3:06pm RJ Monologue
3:18pm   Reporter at;  Big Ag and antibiotics
3:34pm Vernon Haltrom Coal River Mountain Watch
3:45pm Eva Dominguez, ED of Latinos for Secure Retirement: Immigration Reform  and Social Security
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Hour 1
1:06pm: RJ Monologue
1:18pm  Roger Hickey, Co Director of Campaign for America's Future
1:34pmLyndsey Beyerstein, Journalist: HB2 and Abortion Restriction in TX
1:49pm: Prof. Lawrence Lessig, Harvard University: Aaron Swartz and CFAA
Hour 2
2:06pm: RJ Monologue
2:18pm: Phil Areneau, Campaign Director Topic: TPP and Environmental
2:34pm: Michael Hiltzik, Business Columnist, LA Times Topic: People who have already paid their Social Security taxes for the year
2:49pm: Juan Cole, Professor at University of Michigan
Topic: Irag

Hour 3

3:06pm RJ Monologue
3:18pm Rashad Robinson, ED of Color of Change Topic: Victory at SNL getting a Black Woman on the show as an actor
3:34pm Laura Friedenback, Press Secretary of PCCC Topic: Progressive Congressional Races
3:45pm Bonnie Raines, FBI Burglar Topic: Coming out as a Media, PA FBI burglar that uncovered COINTELPO
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Hour 1

A. Welcome to the Holiday Special!—Frisch solo 

B. The Salvation Army's Anti-Gay Past—Evan Hurst 

C-D. War on Christmas!—Tina Dupuy

Hour 2

A=B. From the Mouths of Right Wingers: Top 10 Year-End Roundup—Jason Stanford

C. 2014 Electoral Forecast—Matt Wall

D. Festivus Tree & Satanists in Oklahoma—Andy Cobb

Hour 3

A. Year-End Review of Media Hackery—Eric Boehlert 

B. Misinformer of the Year: CBS—Eric Boehlert 

C. Banner Year for Gay Rights—Chris Geidner 

D. What's Next for the LGBT Community? 

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Hour 1
A. News roundup—Eskow solo
B. Looking to 2014 on Social Security Policy: Eric Kingson, Co- Director Social Security Works
C. Drug Policy: Looking at Colorado's Legalization: Jon Walker, FDL
D.  War on Women and ACA contraception battles: Jessica Mason Pieklo, Senior Legal Analyst,  RH Reality Check ( )
Hour 2
A.   ALEC battles in NH-  Zandra Rice,  ED of Granite State Progress
B.  State Battles in 2014:  Neil Sroka, Communications Director of DFA
C.   2014 LGBT Fights — Sally Kohn, Pundit and writer  (
D. Working Families Party: 2013 Wins in NYC, 2014 Expansion Plans- Dan Cantor,  Executive Director of Working Families Party
Hour 3
A.  Eskow Solo
B. , Nationbuilder, and Duck Dynasty: Ryan Grim, Huffington Post (
C. Looking at Financial Reform in 2013/2014- Alexis Goldstein, former Wall Street Staffer and Occupy Wall Street
D.  Wrap Up with Bob Borosage, Campaign for America's Future.
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Hour 1

A. "I fact-checked Sean Hannity on Obamacare"—Eric Burns
B. Behind Kentucky's high Obamacare enrollment—Jonathan Miller
C. "Obamacare and My Family"—Tina Dupuy 
D. Yes, Obamacare bans bad insurance policies—Igor Volsky 
Hour 2

A. Pro-choice offensive: Women's Health Protection Act—Ilyse Hogue
B. Supreme Court maintains Texas anti-choice law—Jessica Mason Pieklo 
C. #Solidarityisforwhitewomen—Mikki Kendall
D. Inside the Men's Rights Movement—R. Tod Kelly
Hour 3

A. Trans employment discrimination—Ilona Turner
B. Portrayal of trans issues in Manning trial—Sasha Buchert
C. Still a long way to go for ENDA—Heather Cronk
D. Labor Day: Fast food workers strike—John Nichols 
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Hour 1

A. Poor Shaming: Starbuck Edition—Tina Dupuy
B. Doctors and lawyers help dirty coal deny black lung benefits—Chris Hamby
C. ENDA still has a ways to go—Ilona Turner 
D. GOP pivots on Mediacare and Social Security—Cliff Shecter 
Hour 2

A. Sen. Gillibrand's plan to combat military sexual assault—Zoe Carpenter 
B. Egregiously distasteful jokes at Dick Cheney roast—Andy Cobb
C. Trans employment discrimination—Ilona Turner 
D. Fast food workers strike—John Nichols 
Hour 3 

A. Pro-choice offensive: Women's Health Protection Act—Ilyse Hogue 
B. From the Mouths of Texas Republicans (Nov. 15)—Jason Stanford 
C. Gov. Mary Fallin avoids paying marriage benefits to same-sex couples—Chris Geidner 
D. Climate change and Super Typhoon Haiyan—Chris Mooney
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