The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

3:15 Oren Bass, Co-Founder, Pave

3:30 Michael Hiltzik, Author & Collumnist

3:45 Jonathan Voss, Senior Analyst, Lake Research Partners

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2:15 Jamie Henn, Co-Founder & Communications & East Asia Director,

2:30 Ira Chernus, Journalist/Author & Professor, Religious Studies, Univ of Colorado (Boulder)

2:45 Jeremiah Goulka, Writer, TomDispatch & Fellow, British American Project

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1:15 Dr. Richard Scheffler, Distinguished Professor, Health Economics & Public Policy, Cal Berkeley & Author, The ADHD Explosion: Myths, Medication, Money, and Today's Push for Performance 

 Brian Earp, Research Fellow, Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics 

 Susan Schneider, 
Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, UConn & Fellow, American Council of Learned Societies (2013-2014)

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3:00-3:06 Hannah Nguyen, Chapter Leader, Students For Public Education Los Angeles

 Donald Cohen, Executive Director, In The Public Interest

3:34-3:44 Prof Miles Kimball, Professor of Economics, Univ of Michigan

3:48-3:58:40 Annie Leonard, Filmmaker, Activist & Director, The Story Of Stuff Project

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2:00-2:06 Tal Zlotnitsky, Chairman & Co-CEO, iControl Universal Collaboration Solutions & Member/Activist, Smart Capitalists for American Prosperity

2:18-2:29:40 Nancy Altman, Co-Director, Social Security Works

2:34-2:44 Erin McElroy, Activist, Heart of the City (San Francisco)

Hannah Nguyen, Chapter Leader, Students For Public Education Los Angeles

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1:18-1:29:40 Prof. Nicolai Petro, 2013-14 U.S. Fulbright Research Scholar in Ukraine, Professor of Political Science, UofRI

 Dean Baker, Co-Director, Center For Economic & Policy Research

1:48-1:58:40 Sam Riddle, Political Director, Michigan Chapter, National Action Network

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2:18-2:29:40 Helena Bottemiller Evich, Agriculture Reporter, Politico On Big Food Is The New Big Tobacco

2:34-2:44 Jodi Jacobson, Editor-In-Chief, RH Reality Check On Taranto Controversy/Military Sexual Assault Bills

2:48-2:58:40 Ben Wikler, Host, The Good Fight with Ben Wikler On Movement Story Telling & Building Progressive Media Infrastructure 

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3:18-3:29:40 Darren Samuelsohn, Senior Policy Reporter, Politico On The Snowden Era of Journalism

3:34-3:42 Gemma Tarlach, Senior Associate Editor, Discover Magazine On Alien Worlds On Earth

3:46-3:58:40 Ben Schreckinger, Contributing Writer, Salon On Bars Too Loud/Cafes Too Quiet & Our Democracy

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1:18-1:29:40 Alex Lawson, Executive Director, Social Security Works On Can Kicks Back/Fix The Debt

1:34-1:41 Omeed Firouzi, President, GW College Democrats & Alex Lawson On Social Security Expansion & Intergenerational Organizing 

1:45-1:58:40 Robert Johnson, President, Institute For New Economic Thinking On Janet Yellen & Reforming the Economy

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3:15-3:29:40 Sean McElwee, Contributing Writer, Salon On New Atheisms Big Mistake

3:34-3:44 John Armstrong, Associate Professor, Weber State University On Superhabitable Worlds

3:48-3:58:40 Ryan Clayton, WOLF-PAC On the New Hampshire Rebellion 

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