The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow
Hour 1
1. The Romney 47%- Daniel Marans 
2. Romney's Latino "outreach" Amanda P. Beadle, 
3. Chicago teachers' Strike ends - Kenzo Shibata (@KenzoShibata), New Media Coordinator for the Chicago Teachers' Union (@CTULocal1)
4. More Election 2012 with Cliff Schecter (@cliffschecter), co-owner of We Act Radio.
Hour 2
1. Riots at US embassies in Middle East & Asia - Jake Meth (@jakemeth), Copy Editor at Egypt Independent in Cairo, Aziz Abu Sarah (@azizabusarah), Palestinian activist and author, co-Executive Director of the Center for World Religions
2. Romney's caught-on-tape remarks on Palestinian state- Aziz
3. Obama brings trade case against China - Matt Stoller (@matthewstoller)
4. Mortgage fraud task force; financial reform; #OWS 1-year anniversary - Matt Stoller 
Hour 3
1. Social Media with Ben Barnett (@PoliticiansTV)
2. Activist of the Week - Sister Marge Clark a lobbyist with NETWORK, a National Catholic Social Justice Lobby (@NETWORKLobby)
3. Latest on Voter ID law in PA, and attempts to organize against it, register people - Rashad Robinson (@rashadrobinson), Executive Director of (@colorofchange),
4. Alex Lawson, "How to file a FOIA request?"
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Hour 1
1  Politics 2012:  Romney/Obama foreign policy crisis
2  Interview Alice Fordham (@AliceFordham) correspondent for the National (@TheNationalUAE) in Libya
3  Wayne Powell, running against Eric Cantor, in Virginia's 7th district (@Powell4VA)
4  Cliff Schechter on latest political polls + trends (@cliffschecter)
Hour 2
1  Charlie Mitchell on US/Israel/Netanyahu (@cfmtan)
2  Charlie Mitchell on Congress/potential for "election wave"
3  Frank Menzies, Director of Instrumental Music at Jones College Prep in South Loop neighborhood of Chicago- will be speaking to us live from the drum corps at the major rally downtown in Chicago tomorrow (#CTUStrike, @KenzoShinbata)
4  Richard Rothstein, Economic Policy Institute (@economicpolicy) 
Hour 3
1  Becky Bond interview - Political Director, CREDO Mobile (@CREDOMobile)
2  Activist of the Week - Raymond Lopez a warehouse worker in California's inland empire and member of Warehouse Workers United (@wwunited)
3  Israel/Iran/Obama/Netanyahu - Jeremy Ben-Ami (@JeremyBenAmi), Founder & President of J Street (@jstreetdotorg), "The Political Home for Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace Americans"
4  Corp/Social responsibility and How do I do that
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Special Edition - Interviews and analysis from Take Action News' live coverage of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.

Hour 1

Segment 1 Former President Bill Clinton's speech at DNC: Excerpts & analysis
Segment 2 First Lady Michelle Obama & MA Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren speeches at DNC: Excerpts & analysis 
Segment 3 Interview with Former Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta                                                                        Segment 4 President Obama's speech at DNC: Excerpts

Hour 2

Segment 1 - Rep. Danny K. Davis (D, IL-7) talks first meeting Obama in Chicago politics
Segment 2 - Daniel Marans talks with DNC delegates on the convention hall floor
Segment 3 - Karl Frisch of Bullfight Streategies gives his take on the RNC & DNC 
Segment 4 - Former New Mexico Governor & Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson on why people should vote Libertarian, and why he's outspoken in favor of legalizing pot

Hour 3

Segment 1- Larry O'Connor, Editor-in-Chief of, gives a conservatives perspective on the DNC, saying Democrats have been snubbing him. 
Segment 2 - Rep. Tim Ryan (D, OH-17) talks with Daniel Marans about a Grand Bargain to cut Social Security or Medicare in exchange for tax increases
Segment 3 - Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, on why compromise is not a virtue unto itself  
Segment 4 - How Do I Do That: Shuster & Marans on how to do a political convention right

Some YouTube videos of interviews David SHuster & the Take Action News team did at the DNC are available at:

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Hour 1

Segment 1 GOP convention
Segment 2 Nasty tone of GOP/Story of CNN Camera woman, discussion with Marans and Callahan. 
Segment 3 Dave Zirin (@edgeofsports), Sports Editor for The Nation, calls for NFL boycott over lockout of referees fighting wage & benefit cuts 
Segment 4 Cliff Schechter on GOP convention and Ohio voting 

Hour 2

Segment 1 - Paul Singer/TBA fact checks Romney and Ryan (@singernews)
Segment 2 - Paul Singer/TBA previews dem convention.
Segment 3 - NYT's Sam Dolnick on NJ halfway houses scandal.
Segment 4 - Corporate responsibility: Boycott Hyatt; Most Hiltons are okay

Hour 3

Segment 1: Social media with Alan Rosenblatt
Segment 2 - Activist of the Week Lee Rowland of the Brennan Center for Justice (@brennancenter) on court ruling overturning restrictions on Florida's voter registration groups
Segment 3 - Lee Rowland on voting: The fights in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia & Texas.  
Segment 4 - Shuster notebook on conventions. How Do I Do That with Daniel Marans: NEXUS pass for expedited entry to Canada, and reporting & replacing a lost passport

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Segment 1: Shuster – Political round up
Segment 2: Shuster – GOP Platform
Segment 3: 12:30 Rob Zerban Dem candidate running against Paul Ryan in Wisconsin 1st congressional district
Segment 4: 12:45 Cliff Schecter – Dem strategy, post Akin scandal

HOUR 2 Segment 1: 1:00 Charlie Mitchell – Romney energy plan
Segment 2: Charlie Mitchell cont. – Health policy
Segment 3: 1:30 Ari Rabin-Havt – Fox News GOP cheerleading
Segment 4: 1:45 Nancy Cohen – GOP war on Women, Akin

Segment 1: Alan Rosenblatt – Social media segment
Segment 2: Robin Morgan – Activist of the Week
Segment 3: Robin Morgan- Women's Media Center Live launch  
Segment 4: Shuster – Corporate Responsibility/College football

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Hour 1
1. Shuster on 2012 presidential elections
2. Marans & Shuster on difference between Ryan's proposed Medicare cuts & Obama's Medicare savings in the Affordable Care Act
3. Ian Millhiser (@imillhiser), Senior Constitutional Policy Expert, Center for American Progress, on Arizona's crackdown on its own legal medical pot
4. Cliff Schecter (@Cliffschecter), co-owner, We Act Radio on Ryan pick and latest shooting in Texas.
Hour 2
1-2. Charlie Mitchell (@cfmtan), Editor-in-Chief, TAN, welfare reform, Romney claim that Obama loosened the work requirement, and the ongoing sags of Darrell Issa pursuing Eric Holder
3. David Frum (@davidfrum), contributing editor at Newsweek and The Daily Beast and a CNN contributor, on Ryan VP pick and the themes in his book Patriots
4. Frum debates Ryan VP pick with Francesca Chambers (@fran_chambers), Editor of Red Alert Politics - she likes Ryan pick, Frum not so much
Hour 3
1. Ben Barnett (@PoliticiansTV) on PA Voter ID laws, and covering the 2000 DNC as one of the first online reporting teams
2-3. Activist of the Week: Bill McKibben (@billmckibben) is the author of over a dozen books, including most recently, Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet about the ongoing impact of climate change, the Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College, and founder of McKibben led protests against Keystone XL and fracking.
4. How do I do that? with Daniel Marans
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Rick Smith, host of the Rick Smith Show live from the AFL-CIO's "Workers Stand for America" rally in Philadelphia.

Cliff Schecter of We Act Radio on Paul Ryan Veep pick.

Charlie Mitchell, TAN Editor-in-Chief on Ryan's record in Congress.

Allison Kilkenny, co-host of the progressive political podcast Citizen Radio ( and independent journalist who blogs at, on what RYan pick means for the class war and protests across the world against austerity.

Activist of the Week: Elsa Caballero is the SEIU Local 1 Texas State Director, on the raise she helped negotiate for striking janitors in Houston who make $9,000/year for their work, including many in the JP Morgan Chase tower. Leader of "Call me, Jamie" campaign to get Jamie Dimon's attention.

Alan Rosenblatt on Veep pick on Twitter.

Elizabeth McElroy, Secretary-Treasurer of Philadelphia Central Labor Council, live from the AFL-CIO's "Workers Stand for America" rally in Philadelphia. What is state of labor in Philly & PA?

How Do I Do That: How do I estimate what my Social Security benefits would be? Social Security's 77th birthday on August 14.

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Hour 1
Presidential Race 2012: A look at Romey's plan to increase taxes on the middle class
Louie Gohmert and the things he says
Daniel Marans on the Chick-Fil-A controversy
Cliff Schecter on the crazy gun law NRA is trying to get passed in TN; Romney’s taxes

Hour 2
Daniel Newhauser, Roll Call: Update from the Hill
Corporate responsibility: Boycott Palermo’s Pizza
John Taylor, President & CEO, National Community Reinvestment Coalition on the refusal by Ed DeMarco, Acting Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, to reduce the principal amount people owe on their underwater home mortgages.
Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL-9) on running strong on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Hour 3
Alan Rosenblatt on social media: Twitter election meters with Paul Singer, Politics Editor of USA Today
Activist of the Week: Michael Skolnik, Political Director to Russell Simmons, and Editor-in-Chief of the Global Grind  
How Do I Do That with Daniel Marans

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This week's show:

Dave Zirin of the Nation and The Edge of Sports XM radio show talking NCAA.

Cliff Schecter on the politics and reality of guns.

Michael McAuliff of the Huffington Post on what's new in Congress.

Matt Stoller of BrandX & the Roosevelt Institute.

Brad Crelia, Editor-at-Large of on 2012 Internationl AIDS conference.

Ben Barnett of the Philly Media Bureau on social media.

Ai-Jen Poo, Director of the Domestic Workers Alliance, our Activist of the Week on the fight for paid sick leave in New York City.

Will O'Neill, on returning his Eagle Scout badge to protests Boy Scouts of America's anti-gay discrimination.

Take Action News with David Shuster is live on the air at WPWC We Act Radio 1480AM in the DC area and WVKO 1580AM in Columbus, OH. Take Action News is also broadcast on WCPT 820AM in the Chicago area, Saturdays 4pm-7pm CT (also 92.5 FM West, 92.7 FM North, 99.9 FM South) and KHXI-FM, FM 99.9 in Sallisaw, OK.

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Take Action News (#TAN) is a nonpartisan, independent digital news service dedicated to engaging the public with news and information about how our government works, along with tools for readers to get involved in government decision-making processes. We want to empower citizens to Take Action.

Take Action News with David Shuster is live on the air at WPWC We Act Radio 1480AM in the DC area and WVKO 1580AM in Columbus, OH. Take Action News is also broadcast on WCPT 820AM in the Chicago area, Saturdays 4pm-7pm CT (also 92.5 FM West, 92.7 FM North, 99.9 FM South) and KHXI-FM, FM 99.9 in Sallisaw, OK.

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