The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

Hour 1

1. Shuster - Presidential Debate recap

2. Shuster & Daniel Marans - President Obama's Social Security line that rankled Democrats

3-4. To vote for Obama or not? Progressive v. Progressive. Matt Stoller, fellow at the Roosevelt Institute argues against voting for Obama, on grounds that drone strikes are murderous and the President is not interested in fighting for the middle class. Ken Sofer, research assistant in National Security and International Policy team at the Center for American Progress, believes the PResident has done well considering his political opposition, and is less skeptical of drone strikes.

Hour 2

1. Charlie Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief of Take Action News, tells us his thoughts on the Presidential debate and what is new in Congress.

2. Charlie Mitchell on how a Romney Administration might handle the "fiscal cliff" and debt negotiations at year's end, if elected.

3. Shuster and Marans discuss more of the week's news: Paul Ryan calling 30% of Americans dependent because they want to be; and how President Obama's Social Security remarks reveal a willingness to strike a Grand Bargain that may anger progressives.

4. Nicole Belle of Crooks & Liars makes the case that Gov. Jerry Brown of California should not have vetoed the Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights.

Hour 3

1. Alan Rosenblatt on social media, with guest Phil Wolgin of Center for American Progress's Immigration Policy Team, on how CAP publicized a new study of economic benefits of the dream act, using the first ever Twitter press release.

2. Activist of the Week - Nick Nyhart, President and CEO of Public Campaign, on fighting for transparency in the Presidential debate rules and getting money out of politics.

3. Mimi Marziani, Counsel in the Brenn Center for Justice's Democracy Program, explains the significance of the Pennsylvania court ruling against the state's law requiring a photo ID to vote. 4. How Do I Do That - Marans explains how to donate your old bike to a third-world country.

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