The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

Hour 1

A. News roundup—Frisch solo
B. This week's column—Tina Dupuy
C. Voting rights challenges and Gray May's Bending Toward Justice—Ari Berman 
D. Men's Rights Movement—Tod Kelly 
Hour 2
A. Youth participation in Virginia Governor's race—Amanda Brown
B. Trayvon Martin's mother testifies in Senate—Rashad Robinson  
C. Some thoughts on Karl's Halloween costume: The Incredible Shrinking GOP—Jason Stanford
D. Yes, Obamacare might force you to cancel your bad insurance policy—Igor Volsky
Hour 3
A. Behind the high Obamacare enrollment in Kentucky—Jonathan Miller  
B. Drone victims testify in front of Congress—Cole Stangler 
C. Theory: Edward Snowden is a CIA plant, working in a Russian tech company—Alan Rosenblatt
D. Youth Services International and the private prison industry—Chris Kirkam 
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