The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

Hour 1

A. "Thanks...Giving: 2013's Hunger Strike Roundup"—Tina Dupuy

B. Gov. Mary Fallin avoids paying National Guard benefits to same-sex couples—Chris Geidner 

C. Why Elizabeth Warren is no threat to Hillary 2016—Mark Blumenthal 

Hour 2

A. Supreme Court maintains Texas's restrictive anti-choice law—Jessica Mason-Pieklo

B. Sen. Gillibrand's plan to combat military sexual assault—Zoe Carpenter 

C. Pro-Choice Offensive: Women's Health Protection Act—Ilyse Hogue 

D. From the Mouths of Texas Republicans—Jason Stanford

Hour 3 

A. Democrats go nuclear on filibuster option—Judith Schaeffer 

B. New lethal injection brings cruel and unusual punishment concerns—Deborah Denno 

C. G+ hashtags integrated into Google searches—Alan Rosenblatt 

D. Cheney family feuds over gay marriage—Cliff Schecter 

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