The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow
Hour 1

A. Poor Shaming: Starbuck Edition—Tina Dupuy
B. Doctors and lawyers help dirty coal deny black lung benefits—Chris Hamby
C. ENDA still has a ways to go—Ilona Turner 
D. GOP pivots on Mediacare and Social Security—Cliff Shecter 
Hour 2

A. Sen. Gillibrand's plan to combat military sexual assault—Zoe Carpenter 
B. Egregiously distasteful jokes at Dick Cheney roast—Andy Cobb
C. Trans employment discrimination—Ilona Turner 
D. Fast food workers strike—John Nichols 
Hour 3 

A. Pro-choice offensive: Women's Health Protection Act—Ilyse Hogue 
B. From the Mouths of Texas Republicans (Nov. 15)—Jason Stanford 
C. Gov. Mary Fallin avoids paying marriage benefits to same-sex couples—Chris Geidner 
D. Climate change and Super Typhoon Haiyan—Chris Mooney
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