The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

Hour 1

A. Welcome to the Holiday Special!—Frisch solo 

B. The Salvation Army's Anti-Gay Past—Evan Hurst 

C-D. War on Christmas!—Tina Dupuy

Hour 2

A=B. From the Mouths of Right Wingers: Top 10 Year-End Roundup—Jason Stanford

C. 2014 Electoral Forecast—Matt Wall

D. Festivus Tree & Satanists in Oklahoma—Andy Cobb

Hour 3

A. Year-End Review of Media Hackery—Eric Boehlert 

B. Misinformer of the Year: CBS—Eric Boehlert 

C. Banner Year for Gay Rights—Chris Geidner 

D. What's Next for the LGBT Community? 

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