The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

Hour 1

1. Shuster- Election 2012

2. Shuster/Marans- GOP claims of "conspiracy" over polling. 

3. Dave Zirin- (@edgeofsports) on end of NFL ref lockout

4. Cliff Schecter- More Election 2012/Debate prep

Hour 2

1-2. Charlie Mitchell- News from the Hill

3. Larry Korb- National Security

4. Possible extension of Korb / Corporate responsibility: Dr. Bronner's hemp natural soap & shower products (eco-friendly; made through Palestinian-Israeli cooperation)

Hour 3

1. Social media: Alan Rosenblatt with Stu Trevelyan

2. Activist of the Week: Zofia Hausmann, Director of The Agtivists (@agtivists) 

3. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) (@SenSherrodBrown)

4. How Do I Do That 

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