The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

Hour 1

Segment 1 GOP convention
Segment 2 Nasty tone of GOP/Story of CNN Camera woman, discussion with Marans and Callahan. 
Segment 3 Dave Zirin (@edgeofsports), Sports Editor for The Nation, calls for NFL boycott over lockout of referees fighting wage & benefit cuts 
Segment 4 Cliff Schechter on GOP convention and Ohio voting 

Hour 2

Segment 1 - Paul Singer/TBA fact checks Romney and Ryan (@singernews)
Segment 2 - Paul Singer/TBA previews dem convention.
Segment 3 - NYT's Sam Dolnick on NJ halfway houses scandal.
Segment 4 - Corporate responsibility: Boycott Hyatt; Most Hiltons are okay

Hour 3

Segment 1: Social media with Alan Rosenblatt
Segment 2 - Activist of the Week Lee Rowland of the Brennan Center for Justice (@brennancenter) on court ruling overturning restrictions on Florida's voter registration groups
Segment 3 - Lee Rowland on voting: The fights in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia & Texas.  
Segment 4 - Shuster notebook on conventions. How Do I Do That with Daniel Marans: NEXUS pass for expedited entry to Canada, and reporting & replacing a lost passport

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