The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow
Hour 3
1. Social Media with Alan Rosenblatt: Why did Romney's binders take off on social media after last week's presidential debates? What are ways people can use social media to protect voting rights on election day?
2. Activist of the Week: Maya Rockeymoore, chair of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare, and host of We Act Radio's Pivot Point 
3. IL warehouse worker
4. How Do I Do That: Protips on how to avoid some of the worst pitfalls associated with moving into a new house or apartment.
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Hour 2
1. Charlie Mitchell, editor-in-chief of Take Action News, provides an update on tough House election races
2. Cheri Bustos, Democratic candidate for Congress in IL-17 where #Sensata workers fight for their jobs
*Special Report on Political Pressure in the Workplace*
3. Alec MacGillis, Senior Editor of The New Republic on pressure to donate to Repubicans at Murray Energy, the coutry's largest privately held coal company
4. Mark Ames, Senior Editor at Not Safe for Work Corporation, expert in Russia policy, and author of "Going Postal," on why employer political coercion resembles tactics used by Putin in Russia that has been written up by human rights organizations.
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Hour 1
1.  Shuster presidential debate roundup
2.  Shuster 2012 election recap: Funny moments from Al Smith dinner, and will Obama's "Romnesia" line of attack stick to Romney?
3. Jodi Jacobson, Editor-in-Chief, RH (reproductive health) Reality Check on women's health & reproductive rights in the 2012 presidential election.
4. Cliff on Tagg Romney wanting to "punch Obama."  Funny, I thought the Romneey way was to pin you down and cut your hair?
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