The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

Hour 1

A. "The Heritage Foundation: The Group Who Cried Individual Mandate"—Tina Dupuy

B. Women and the shutdown—Jodi Jacobson 

C. U.S. Bishops pushed for shutdown to undermine birth control benefit—Jodi Jacobson 

D. Progressive Congress and the shutdown strategy—Annie Weinberg 

Hour 2

A. "Drunk Dial Congress" and shutdown humor—Arun Chaudhary

B. Fox and the shutdown—Eric Boehlert 

C. SCOTUS and campaign finance—Adam Smith 

D. Impact of the shutdown on DC—Amanda Terkel 

Hour 3

A. DC and the shutdown—Councilmember Tommy Wells 

B. National Coming Out Day—Jamie McGonigal 

C. glitches and procurement—Clay Johnson 

D. Government shutdown—David Corn 

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