The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

Hour 1

A. News Roundup—Frisch solo  

B. "What if Rand Paul Were A Woman?"—Tina Dupuy

C. How CBS botched the Benghazi story—Eric Boehlert

D. Obamacare enrollment: Going better than you think—Igor Volsky

Hour 2

A. Lone Pine suit: NAFTA's implications for pulbic interest laws—Cole Stangler

B. Lawyers and doctors routinely help dirty coal deny black lung benefits—Chris Hamby

C. ENDA still has a ways to go—Heather Cronk

D. Climate change and Super Typhoon Haiyan—Chris Mooney 

Hour 3

A. From the Mouths of Texas Republicans—Jason Stanford

B. Egregiously distasteful jokes at Dick Cheney roast—Andy Cobb

C. Is Twitter diplomacy the wave of the future?—Alan Rosenblatt

D. Resolved: Fox News turns everyone into a right winger—Paul Rosenberg

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