The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow
Hour 1
A. News roundup—Eskow solo
B. Looking to 2014 on Social Security Policy: Eric Kingson, Co- Director Social Security Works
C. Drug Policy: Looking at Colorado's Legalization: Jon Walker, FDL
D.  War on Women and ACA contraception battles: Jessica Mason Pieklo, Senior Legal Analyst,  RH Reality Check ( )
Hour 2
A.   ALEC battles in NH-  Zandra Rice,  ED of Granite State Progress
B.  State Battles in 2014:  Neil Sroka, Communications Director of DFA
C.   2014 LGBT Fights — Sally Kohn, Pundit and writer  (
D. Working Families Party: 2013 Wins in NYC, 2014 Expansion Plans- Dan Cantor,  Executive Director of Working Families Party
Hour 3
A.  Eskow Solo
B. , Nationbuilder, and Duck Dynasty: Ryan Grim, Huffington Post (
C. Looking at Financial Reform in 2013/2014- Alexis Goldstein, former Wall Street Staffer and Occupy Wall Street
D.  Wrap Up with Bob Borosage, Campaign for America's Future.
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