The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow
Hour 3
3:07pm RJ Monologue
3:18pm  Jeff Brandt, Blogger
3:34pm Cliff Schecter, We Act Radio and National Gun Victims Action Council
3:45pm Brian Merchant, Senior Editor at VICE
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2:07pmRJ Monologue
2:18pmRoss Eisenbrey, Vice President, Economic Policy Institute
2:34pm: Maya Rockeymoore,  President of Global Policy Solutions
2:49pm: Alex Lawson, ED of Social Security Works
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 Hour 1
1:07pmRJ Monologue
1:18pm   Mara Keisling, ED of National Center for Transgender Equality
1:34pm: Carol Joffe, Professor Emeritus, UC Davis
1:49pm: Farah Diaz-Tello, Staff Attorney,

National Advocates for Pregnant Women

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