The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

3:15-3:29:40 Sean McElwee, Contributing Writer, Salon On New Atheisms Big Mistake

3:34-3:44 John Armstrong, Associate Professor, Weber State University On Superhabitable Worlds

3:48-3:58:40 Ryan Clayton, WOLF-PAC On the New Hampshire Rebellion 

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2:15-2:29:40 Dave Johnson, Contributor, Alternet On Expensive To Be Poor

2:34-2:44 Mari-Lynn Evans, CEO/EP, Evening Star Productions On West Virginia

2:48-2:58:40 Amanda Starbuck, Energy & Finance Programs Director, Rainforest Action Network On KXL Backlash/Vigils
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1:15-1:29:40 Patrick Hurby, Contributor, Politico Magazine on NFL Tax Dodging

1:34-1:44 Cole Stangler, Staff Writer, In These Times On TPP/KXL/Labor

1:48-1:58:40 Rich Fiesta, Executive Director, Alliance For Retired Americans' On Chained-CPI 

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