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JUAN COLE is a collegiate professor of history at the University of Michigan. The editor and creator of the award-winning Informed Comment news and commentary site, he is the author of Napoleon’s Egypt, Engaging the Muslim World, and The New Arabs.

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Carmen Segarra In 2011, Segarra took a job as a bank examiner for the New York Federal Reserve overseeing the storied institution Goldman Sachs. Two years later, she sued the Fed for wrongful dismissal. Under the impression she would act as a safeguard to the financial system and work to prevent another economic crisis, Segarra was shocked to discover the endemic corruption of both the regulatory body she worked for and the bank it was supposed to regulate. So when higher-ups asked her to cover-up a pernicious discovery of goings-on at Goldman and act complacent in a culture of corruption, she refused. Instead, she began to secretly record conversations (including with new CEO of Goldman, David Solomon, PERSONAL/TYPES OF VIOLATIONS who took over on October 1) documenting the Fed’s deliberate inefficiency in holding the bank accountable. In 2014, Segarra’s shocking recordings were released by ProPublica on an episode of This American Life and went viral.”failure to apply laws that apply to retail accounts”; “money laundering”CULTURE of NONCOMPLIANCE.

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Lauren Casey is an organizer with Gig Workers Rising.  Gabe Ets-Hokin is a Uber/Lyft driver and a freelance writer.

Lauren Windsor 
is the executive director of American Family Voices and the executive producer of the political web-show "The Undercurrent," a partner in Democracy Partners, a progressive consulting firm.

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