The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

Stephen Miles is the Executive Director of Win Without War. Stephen is a veteran of campaign politics with a strong background in grassroots advocacy. He previously worked for the global campaigning organization Avaaz, as well as on multiple federal, state, and local electoral campaigns, and as the Executive Director of the American Hellenic Council. Stephen is a graduate of the London School of Economics and Tulane University with academic expertise in humanitarian interventions and Middle Eastern politics.


Steve Knievel is an advocate for Public Citizen’s Access to Medicines program, focusing on expanding affordable access to medicines. Steve is an expert in policy matters affecting drug pricing and access to medicines in the United States. He brings to Public Citizen his knowledge and experience in domestic and international campaign work, including thorough policy analysis, lobbying, communications and coalition building. He holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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Gavin Bade is a reporter on the Pro Energy team covering the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, electricity markets and state policy.
He was previously senior reporter and editor at Utility Dive, an energy trade publication. Gavin is a graduate of Georgetown University, where he edited the campus alt-weekly, the Voice.

Cathy Kunkel is an energy policy expert and public advocate and Democratic candidate in West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional district.
Among her other work, she has analyzed the economic and financial impact of natural gas drilling and pipelines in the region, researched absentee land ownership in West Virginia, and fought electric utility corporate bailouts. Her research has been cited by the Washington Post, NBC News, the Associated Press, The Hill, SNL Financial, The Intercept, and by members of Congress.


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Anat Shenker-Osorio is the author of the acclaimed book Don’t Buy It: The Trouble with Talking Nonsense About the Economy. She founded her own firm, ASO Communications, to provide guidance and insights on what to say and how to say it to get effective policy solutions made into life changing laws. As a strategic communications consultant to a host of progressive causes, she has conducted studies on how people reason about policy issues like clean energy, education, economic justice, immigrants and women’s rights. Using both qualitative and quantitative approaches, Anat partners with leading pollsters such as Lake Research Partners, Anzalone Liszt Grove Research, and GQRR to test responses to different policy prescriptions and narratives.

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