The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

Nancy Altman - Co-director of Social Security Works and co-chair of the Strengthen Social Security coalition and campaign.

Steve Phillips - author of Brown is the New White. .

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Dr. Maya Rockeymoore - founder, President and CEO of Global Policy Solutions (GPS) and


Chris Bell - Director, producer, and writer. His latest film is Prescription Thugs. 

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Kate Ackley - reporter and editor for Roll Call, focused on the lobbying job market

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Marc Schindler, Executive Director of the Justice Policy Institute, on President Obama banning the use of solitary confinement for juveniles in federal prison.

Zoë Carpenter, The Nation’s associate Washington editor, on Planned Parenthood's victory in court.

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Dina Maron, Health and medicine editor at Scientific American, on the rise of the Zika Virus.


Journalist David Dayen on what "liberal" attacks on Bernie Sanders are really about.

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Alex Lawson, Executive Director of Social Security Works

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Obery Hendricks - author of The Universe Bends Toward Justice: Radical Reflections on the Bible, the Church, and the Body Politic and The Politics of Jesus: Rediscovering the True Revolutionary Nature of Jesus’ Teachings and How They Have Been Corrupted. 

Kathleen Frydl - political historian and author of The GI Bill and The Drug Wars in America, 1940-1973.

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Jess Levin - Communications Director of Making Change at Walmart

Kim Stanley Robinson - American novelist, widely recognized as one of the foremost living writers of science fiction.

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Alvaro Bedoya - Founding Executive Director of the Center on Privacy & Technology

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Linda Tirado, author of Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America.

Bryce Covert, Economic Policy Editor for ThinkProgress.

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