The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

Hour 1

A. News roundup—Frisch solo
B. This week's column—Tina Dupuy
C. Voting rights challenges and Gray May's Bending Toward Justice—Ari Berman 
D. Men's Rights Movement—Tod Kelly 
Hour 2
A. Youth participation in Virginia Governor's race—Amanda Brown
B. Trayvon Martin's mother testifies in Senate—Rashad Robinson  
C. Some thoughts on Karl's Halloween costume: The Incredible Shrinking GOP—Jason Stanford
D. Yes, Obamacare might force you to cancel your bad insurance policy—Igor Volsky
Hour 3
A. Behind the high Obamacare enrollment in Kentucky—Jonathan Miller  
B. Drone victims testify in front of Congress—Cole Stangler 
C. Theory: Edward Snowden is a CIA plant, working in a Russian tech company—Alan Rosenblatt
D. Youth Services International and the private prison industry—Chris Kirkam 
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Hour 1

A. News Roundup—Frisch solo

B. Column: "Read More Than This Headline"—Tina Dupuy

C. War hawks prepare for Iran negotiations—Ben Armbruster

D. Overheard on the Acela—Tom Matzzie

Hour 2

A. Folks who got fired for social media mistakes—Alan Rosenblatt 

B. The Benghazi Hoax—Ari Rabin-Havt

C-D. "Inside the Fox News lie machine: I fact-checked Sean Hannity on Obamacare"—Eric Stern

Hour 3

A. From the mouths of Texas Republicans—Jason Stanford

B. Report: U.S. drone strikes could be war crimes—Letta Tayler

C. Obama fails to deliver on drone transparency promise—Naureen Shah

D. New Jersey marriage equality victory—Chris Geidner 

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Hour 1

A. News Roundup—Frisch solo

B. A Tea Party civics lesson—Tina Dupuy

C. NY Fed fired examiner who took on Goldman

D. Politically Incoherent & "The Shutdown Crash"—Rocky Mountain Mike 

Hour 2

A. Republicans say the darndest things—Jason Stanford 

B. Wendy Davis gubernatorial campaign—Jason Stanford

C. Judge Bill Pryor's gay porn appearance leaves him vulnerable to coercion—Roger Shuler 

D. Aaron Swartz's SecureDrop—Trevor Timm

Hour 3

A. ACLU v. Clapper—David Greene 

B. "Libertarian Magic Dust": Satirizing right-wing politics—Andy Cobb

C. Pliticians should get with the social media-dominated times—Alan Rosenblatt

D. GOP pivots to Social Security and Medicare—Cliff Schecter 

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Hour 1

A. "The Heritage Foundation: The Group Who Cried Individual Mandate"—Tina Dupuy

B. Women and the shutdown—Jodi Jacobson 

C. U.S. Bishops pushed for shutdown to undermine birth control benefit—Jodi Jacobson 

D. Progressive Congress and the shutdown strategy—Annie Weinberg 

Hour 2

A. "Drunk Dial Congress" and shutdown humor—Arun Chaudhary

B. Fox and the shutdown—Eric Boehlert 

C. SCOTUS and campaign finance—Adam Smith 

D. Impact of the shutdown on DC—Amanda Terkel 

Hour 3

A. DC and the shutdown—Councilmember Tommy Wells 

B. National Coming Out Day—Jamie McGonigal 

C. glitches and procurement—Clay Johnson 

D. Government shutdown—David Corn 

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Hour 1

A. News Roundup—Frisch solo
B. This Week's Headlines—Tina Dupuy
C. Corporate Action Network's "Drop Dudley" campaign—Brian Young 
D. Accidental acetaminophen overdoses—Jeff Girth 
Hour 2

A. Glenn Beck says he'll camp outside Louie Ghomert's office, & other right-wing quotes—Jason Stanford
B. Quebec legislation to ban religious clothing for public officials—Jacob Remes 
C. Herman Wallace dies after 41 years in solitary confinement—Rania Khalek 
D. Prisoners' rights & solitary confinement—Amy Fettig
Hour 3
A. The #shutdown's negative impact & countermessaging the right wing—Alan Rosenblatt 
B. Capitol Hill shooting & stigmatization of mental health issues—Tara Culp-Ressler 
C. How the shutdown will affect the GOP's electoral prospects—Frisch solo 
D. Marco Rubio blocks black gay judge's nomination on dubious grounds—Sharon Lettman-Hicks 
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A. News Roundup—Frisch solo
B. This week's headlines—Tina Dupuy
C-D. Fight for 15 in the longterm—Micah Uetricht
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A. The hypocrisy of right wing welfare cuts—Cliff Schecter
B. Violations of students' 4th Amendment rights—Bryce Stucki 
C.-D. Reproductive rights cases to watch—Jessica Mason Pieklo 
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A. Twitter during the Kenyan mall attack—Alan Rosenblatt
B. Tom Cruz's Obamacare filibuster—Jason Stanford 
C. Ken Cuccinelli's tax plan disproportionately serves the top 5%—Anna Scholl
D. Rep. Peter King calls for increased scrutiny of Somali immigrants after Kenyan mall attack—Rania Khalek 
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A. News Roundup—Frisch solo 
B. The Rise of the Warrior Cop—Radley Balko 
C-D. Column: "Congresspeople Unwilling to Work, shall Not Eat"—Tina Dupuy
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A-B. Thank You Anarchy & Occupy Anniversary—Nathan Schneider
C. Trans employment discrimination victory—Ilona Turner
D. Viral ad: Coming out to Tea Party Father—Carl Sciortino 
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