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The Zero Hour is on vacation this week for Labor Day week. We hope you enjoy this best of content from our shows this summer.

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Manu Saadia on the economics of Star Trek

RJ digs deep on Donald Trump’s reliance on empty vague salesmanship and raw hatred

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CQ Roll Call’s Steve Komarow previews Congress’ priorities when they return from August recess

Salon's Patrick L. Smith exposes government attempts to control journalism

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Journalist Helaine Olen describes how the GOP war on Social Security is really a war on women.

Ryan Grim, Washington bureau chief for The Huffington Post, on the movement to draft Biden and the inevitability of the Iran deal

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Mark Ames looks at the bizarre break-up between Donald Trump and campaign manager and Nixonian dirty trickster Roger Stone.


Adam Rogers examines how Google, if they were so inclined, could really impact the 2016 elections.

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John Amato of Crooks and Liars looks under the tent of the GOP clown show.


Reuters journalist Alison Frankel details her special investigation of medical lenders cashing in off of desperate women.

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Lynn Tramonte, Exective Director of America’s Voice, discusses a racist smear playing a huge part in the GOP primary.

Reporter David Dayen details why presidential libraries are a massive waste.

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Shannon Liss-Riordan on the legal fight for the worker rights of Uber drivers.

Jeffrey Radice on his "Dockumentary" about Dock Ellis

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Bill French of National Security Network discusses the waste of the F-35 program.

Nancy Altman of Social Security Works on Social Security's 80th birthday and why now is the time to expand benefits

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Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou on his arrest in Ferguson one year after the death of Michael Brown.

Economist Dean Baker on what's behind China's currency valuation and shocking CEO pay in the US. 

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