The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow
2:15-2:29:40 Dave Johnson, Contributor, Alternet On Expensive To Be Poor

2:34-2:44 Mari-Lynn Evans, CEO/EP, Evening Star Productions On West Virginia

2:48-2:58:40 Amanda Starbuck, Energy & Finance Programs Director, Rainforest Action Network On KXL Backlash/Vigils
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1:15-1:29:40 Patrick Hurby, Contributor, Politico Magazine on NFL Tax Dodging

1:34-1:44 Cole Stangler, Staff Writer, In These Times On TPP/KXL/Labor

1:48-1:58:40 Rich Fiesta, Executive Director, Alliance For Retired Americans' On Chained-CPI 

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Kenneth Vogel, Chief Investigative Reporter, Politico on Koch World 2014

Travis Waldron, Reporter, on The Epic Redskins Battle 

Chris Hamby, Reporter, The Center For Public Integrity on Miners Screwed By JHMC 

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 Josh Levy, Internet Campaign Director, Free Press on Net Neutrality

 Mark Ames, Writer, Pando Daily on The Techtopus

Jeff Larson, Data Editor, ProPublica on Leaky Apps AKA Angry Birds & the NSA

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Robert Borosage, Co-Director, Campaign For America's Future on SOTU 

Dean Baker, Co-Director, Center For Economic And Policy Research on SOTU 

Damon Silvers, Director of Policy & Special Counsel, AFL-CIO on SOTU 

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Hour 3
3:07pm RJ Monologue
3:18pm  Jeff Brandt, Blogger
3:34pm Cliff Schecter, We Act Radio and National Gun Victims Action Council
3:45pm Brian Merchant, Senior Editor at VICE
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2:07pmRJ Monologue
2:18pmRoss Eisenbrey, Vice President, Economic Policy Institute
2:34pm: Maya Rockeymoore,  President of Global Policy Solutions
2:49pm: Alex Lawson, ED of Social Security Works
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 Hour 1
1:07pmRJ Monologue
1:18pm   Mara Keisling, ED of National Center for Transgender Equality
1:34pm: Carol Joffe, Professor Emeritus, UC Davis
1:49pm: Farah Diaz-Tello, Staff Attorney,

National Advocates for Pregnant Women

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Hour 1
1:06pmRJ Monologue
1:18pm  Liz Gannes Re/Code,  Journalist: Uber and the tech sector/regulation/rights
1:34pm:  Sabrina Stevens, Ed of Integrity in Educations: Fighting Charters and Department of Education relationship with for profits.
1:49pm: Steve Rosenfeld, Alternet: Expanding Social Security
Hour 2
2:06pmRJ Monologue
2:18pm: Robin Beck, Director of Innovation at Citizen Engagement Lab: Innovations in Progressive Organizing
2:34pm: Stephen Miles, Coalition Coordination Win Without War: Iran Sanctions
2:49pm: Craig Harrington, Researcher at Media Matters: Broadcast coverage of Social Security
Hour 3
3:06pm RJ Monologue
3:18pm   Reporter at;  Big Ag and antibiotics
3:34pm Vernon Haltrom Coal River Mountain Watch
3:45pm Eva Dominguez, ED of Latinos for Secure Retirement: Immigration Reform  and Social Security
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Hour 1
1:06pm: RJ Monologue
1:18pm  Roger Hickey, Co Director of Campaign for America's Future
1:34pmLyndsey Beyerstein, Journalist: HB2 and Abortion Restriction in TX
1:49pm: Prof. Lawrence Lessig, Harvard University: Aaron Swartz and CFAA
Hour 2
2:06pm: RJ Monologue
2:18pm: Phil Areneau, Campaign Director Topic: TPP and Environmental
2:34pm: Michael Hiltzik, Business Columnist, LA Times Topic: People who have already paid their Social Security taxes for the year
2:49pm: Juan Cole, Professor at University of Michigan
Topic: Irag

Hour 3

3:06pm RJ Monologue
3:18pm Rashad Robinson, ED of Color of Change Topic: Victory at SNL getting a Black Woman on the show as an actor
3:34pm Laura Friedenback, Press Secretary of PCCC Topic: Progressive Congressional Races
3:45pm Bonnie Raines, FBI Burglar Topic: Coming out as a Media, PA FBI burglar that uncovered COINTELPO
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