The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

First this hour we speak with Mickey Davis, Professor at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, explains march-in rights and the fight to lower drug costs.

Later, we speak with Social Security Works' Nancy Altman about the deception and false equivalence around AARP's call for candidates to "take a stand." 

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First we speak with Nick Buffie, research assistant for Center for Economic and Policy Research, who makes the case that the job market is weak right now.

After that Bill Black, Editor-in-Chief and Contributor of New Economic Perspectives, and Associate Professor of Law and Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, does a deep dive into the scandal tearing apart Wells Fargo following revelations they created millions of fake accounts to pad their statistics.

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First off we go through the big news of the week including two more black men killed by police, Donald Trump's verbal fascism, and a hero teacher standing up to perverse "lunch-shaming" of children who can't afford a meal. 

Then we talk to Rebecca Vallas of Center for American Progress and host of TalkPoverty Radio about encouraging news about poverty in America and what we have to do to keep it going.

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"Dee," a prisoner in the Carolina area, speaks out about the prison worker strike going on right now and what the oppressed workers are demanding.


And Garry South, the "Carville of California," tells us about Yes on Prop 61, a ballot measure in California to help stem the tide of rising drug costs. 

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Zoë Carpenter of The Nation discusses her recent article on the myths surrounding the EpiPen price-gouging scandal.

And Jessica Luther talks about her new book Unsportsmanlike Conduct which offers a powerful look inside the problem of rape culture in college football.

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We break down the news of the week including Clinton's "basket of deplorables" and Trump Foundation's (alleged!) corruption. We then speak with Simone Pathé of CQ/Roll Call who analyzes the ten seats in congress most likely to switch parties this November. Spoiler alert: they're all Republicans.

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Bob DeMars, former college football player, previews his new documentary "The Business of Amateurs" about the dark side of college sports.

Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz discusses his new book on the Euro and how it may be a doomed currency. 

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Historian Kathleen Frydl joins the show again to discuss her thoughts on Hillary Clinton injecting the idea of "American exceptionalism" into the presidential debate. We also speak with AFL-CIO's Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre about Donald Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric.

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We break down the news of the week before speaking with Tim Carney of The Washington Examiner about whether Trump support can be pinned on racial anxiety or economic anxiety... or both?

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Ryan Cooper of The Week on why, desire what some "very serious people" in DC claim, our nation's retirement income crisis is very real (starts at 4:50)

Alex Zaitchik on his new book "The Gilded Rage: A Wild Ride Through Donald Trump's America" (Starts at 20:15)

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Chico Harlan of the Washington Post on the Obama administration's 1 billion dollar deal with Corrections Corporation of America, the nation’s largest prison company, to build a massive detention facility for women and children seeking asylum. (Starts at 3:00)

Matt Nelson, Executive Director of, on the Department of Justice's move to cut ties with private prisons - and why the Department of Homeland Security needs to follow DOJ's lead  (Starts at 20:15)

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Joel Silberman of Democracy Partners on why he believes that the real goal of Trump's campaign is to build a new media empire - one even more right-wing and bigoted than FOX News (Starts at 20:15)

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